Technical Support

Everyone needs a little help from time to time, for whatever reason - time constraints, reassurance or simply if new to delivering training. PD:Approval is here to support you with our expert advisers who each have at least 15 years of individual experience of supporting new training providers through endorsement.

Our advisers have been working in the field a long time and have seen everything so if you are unsure of how to develop the evidence or just need some focus, please contact us for a free 15 minute no obligation consultation call. Our advisers will be able to direct you on how to progress and how long it might take. After an initial free no obligation 15 minute consultation call. Our advisers will be able to direct you on how to progress and how long it might take. They will also advise you on the cost should you wish to go ahead,

Technical Support can take place either face-to-face (travel/subsistence costs will be applicable), online or by phone. All fees are payable in advance.

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Resource Bundle

Our resources have been written by experts who have a wealth of knowledge in delivering, assessing and internally quality assuring training. Our templates are for everyone - new start-ups and well established training providers too. Don't spend ages finding out how you can make your business more efficient, we have done that for you!

Our Resource Bundle contains many of the documents and forms that you are going to need as a training provider – as templates they can be edited to reflect your own organisation’s needs and requirements.

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PD:Approval runs tutor, assessor and internal quality assurer virtual training webinars aimed at training providers offering continuing professional development programmes. The training is mapped to the relevant industry standards and satisfies our criteria for CPD endorsement. The fee to attend one of our webinars is £120 (approx €140).

For Foundation or Sports Massage endorsement, your faculty team must have full qualifications for their role/s, or if not can undertake our Professional Awards. Fully mapped to the relevant industry standards, the fee to undertake a Professional Award is £220 (approx €250) with an optional virtual training session with our Master Trainer, £120 (approx €140).

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